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Is South Africa an expensive travel destination?

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Is South Africa an expensive travel destination?

South Africa’s travel affordability is dependent on whether you are a foreigner or a local.

If you are a foreigner, especially one from a first world country, you will probably find South Africa to be quite an inexpensive travel destination, with the highest cost being your plane ticket followed by accommodation.

However, if you are a local, travelling through our beautiful country can be expensive.

General Prices

According to Lonely Planet, there is a lower range, a ‘mid-range’ and a higher range of travel costs for South Africa, depending on how much you want to do and the level of luxury you are expecting.

On the low-range, if you do not mind roughing it out, your costs will be at around R1,000 a day. If you would like a decent level of comfort, your daily budget will fall into the range of around R1,000-R2,500 a day. But, if you are able to afford it, a more luxurious trip will cost you around R2,500 a day.

Resources for Cheaper Options

Whether you are a local or a foreigner, looking for cheaper options is never a bad idea. House-sitting and WOOFing are two ways in which you can reduce high accommodation costs. The Wonderboom airport is also a great resource for cheap flights between urban centres.

If you do manage to house sit in Cape Town, where accommodation can prove to be pricey; there are a lot of inexpensive and sometimes even free activities to take a part in, such as visiting beautiful beaches, hiking up Lions Head and exploring free-entrance museums. The great thing about Cape Town, is that the public transport system is much more efficient than the rest of South Africa and you can get around without the use of a car or petrol.

Another beautiful and relatively cheap option is backpacking at the Coffee Shack on the gorgeous Wild Coast. With low camping prices, food prices, very cheap surfing lessons and the fifth night free, this is a hidden gem within South Africa.

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