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Banner Advertising

We currently have an inventory of two ad slots, both of them in-text (one is after the Second Paragraph and the other after the Last Paragraph or After-Content for ease).

The Second Paragraph slot is our most visible and click-worthy position and we price it R2730 per day (148 USD per day) and the After-Content slot is R910 per day (49 USD per day).

You are at liberty to take the one slot or both – it’s all up to you and your campaign requirements, and the duration is also naturally up to you. If you want them as CPM, that would have to be per month, and the Second Paragraph slot is R165 CPM (9 USD CPM) and the After-Content slot is R55 CPM (3 USD CPM).

Sponsored Content

Sponsored posts (with a maximum of two CTAs per article) are between R7 500 (410 USD) and R 25 000 (1369 USD) depending on the article length, i.e.:

  1. Short form articles (150 words to 300 words) – R 7 500 (410 USD)
  2. Medium form (301 – 1000 words) R15 000 (821 USD)
  3. Long form (1001 – 3000 words) R25 000 (1369 USD)


Full payment is in advance of placement for all advertising formats.

NB: Do note that at all pricing is excluding VAT.

How to place your Advert

Please send your advertising request via email to and also provide the following info:

  • Contact person
  • Job Title
  • Company
  • Company’s VAT number (if applicable)
  • Work phone
  • Postal Address
  • Email Address
  • Your chosen advertising option (including the expected duration of your campaign)

We will then email you an invoice.