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BLSA CEO argues that poor nations are paying the price for the rich’s environmental crimes

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BLSA’s CEO has argued that the advancement of developed countries over the years has significantly contributed to poorer nations paying the price for the rich’s environmental crimes.

Business Leadership South Africa’s (BLSA) CEO, Busi Mavuso published a written piece on Wednesday, 3 November 2021, in which she tackled the ongoing issue of climate change and its impact on the economy. She also made critical reference to how poorer nations are reportedly paying the price for the rich’s environmental crimes.

Mavuso clearly called out developed economies for having gotten the world into the climate change fix by polluting the atmosphere while some were still in the process of developing. She further noted how other countries still developing economically now have to get rid of their use of the same fuel resources that fuelled the development of rich nations.

She also highlighted how South Africa’s emissions reduction programme will be under scrutiny at COP26, as well as developed economies for many different reasons, stating that what matters is securing the planet’s future for the children

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