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BLSA calls for consideration into vaccine passports, to open more of the economy

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BLSA has stressed the need for considerations into vaccine passports to be made as a means of escaping restrictions, and to get as much of the economy open as possible.

On Tuesday, 21 September 2021, Business Leadership South Africa’s (BLSA) CEO, Busi Mavuso issued an article in which she stressed the need for consideration into vaccine passports for certain contexts. According to Mavuso, this is necessary to keep as much of the economy open as possible.

Mavuso emphasised that BLSA believes that it is time to introduce vaccine passports, given that the vaccine rollout has now passed its budding stage and the country administering a million doses every four to five days.

She further noted that in his address to the nation, President Cyril Ramaphosa stated that the government would be providing further information on its approach to vaccine passports. Mavuso also pointed out how consultations with business and society as a whole would be very important and as a principle, BLSA argues that this would be beneficial to getting the economy back.

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In what ways does BLSA think vaccine passports will help ease the economy?

BLAS believes vaccine passports will help ensure that much of the economy is shielded from the back-and-forth between various lockdown levels, as this makes it difficult to attract much-needed investment to help ease rising unemployment.

What effects on the economy has Mavuso observed from the pandemic?

Mavuso pointed out how the pandemic exposed the already existing socioeconomic conditions in the country, with almost 13 million people applying for the R350 grant which barely covers rising living costs, food and administered costs of electricity.

How long does BLSA think vaccine passports should be implemented?

Mavuso stated that the imposition of vaccine passports need not be permanent and can fall away as soon as the country hits the targeted 42 million vaccinated South Africans for herd immunity, noting that bold steps are needed in achieving this.

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