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World Bank: Morocco has one of Covid-19’s lowest fatality rates

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Morocco has one of the lowest case-fatality rates in the world, and a ninety percent recovery record, the World Bank wrote in an article published on its website.

The Bretton Woods institution commended Morocco for its efforts to limit the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, highlighting the government’s commitment “to continue to monitor the situation rigorously through increased testing capacity.”

“Today, more than three months into the crisis, Morocco has one of the world’s lowest case-fatality rates (number of deaths out of total infections) (less than 2.6 percent), while 90 percent of cases have been cured,” the Washington-based international financial institution said.

“The Bank would like to recall the important role played by the Moroccan authorities in saving the country from a more serious crisis. As a result of the gradual easing of lockdown measures in the country, Morocco is now experiencing a resumption of social interaction and economic activities,” the institution said.

“However, the return to normalcy is not complete: the virus continues to pose a major threat, which requires the full attention of the government to prevent a second wave of the epidemic,” it added.

The World Bank stressed that the Moroccan Ministry of Health “will continue to monitor the situation rigorously through increased testing capacity…In this critical phase, the mass screening will be needed to continue to flatten the epidemic curve and allow the economy to reopen while containing future waves”.

To help the Ministry of Health cope with the next phase, the World Bank has allocated new funds under Morocco’s ongoing primary health programme to support capacity building for disease detection through the provision of technical assistance, laboratory equipment, and systems that will enable rapid case detection and facilitate contact tracing.

The international financial institution has “reallocated $13.01 million of undisbursed funds under this programme and mobilised an additional $35 million from its fast-track mechanism for the Covid-19 pandemic.

Through these funds, the World Bank also wants to help Morocco to mobilise reinforcement means by deploying qualified and well-equipped health workers on the front line.


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