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Why there is so much confusion around Markus Jooste’s death

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Why there is so much confusion around Markus Jooste’s death

There are many reasons why people doubt that Markus Jooste is really dead, but experts have confirmed that his case is far from over.

The Markus Jooste saga has not ended with the disgraced CEO’s death, as there are still many questions about the case which remain unanswered.

Why there is so much confusion around Markus Jooste’s death

The story of Markus Jooste, who went from one being of the most successful men in the country, as the CEO of Steinhoff International (worth a reported $400 million), to falling from grace and being fined R475 million by the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA). Seems like something straight from the writers’ rooms in Hollywood.

But when the news broke that Jooste died by suicide near his home in Hermanus, just a day before he was ordered to hand himself over to law enforcement, the story became all the more unbelievable.

It would not be the first faked high-profile death in South Africa

There are certainly many reasons why people have been so quick to believe that there may have been more to Jooste’s death than what has been publicised.

After all, it has only been a year since the news broke that Thabo Bester, the so-called ‘Facebook rapist,’ faked his own gruesome death-by-prison-fire, in order to escape from prison.

Is Markus Jooste really dead?

In film and television, there is a rule that states “no body, no death”. But while this may be true for the silver screen, things do not always work this way in real life.

There is really no way for an outsider to irrevocably prove or disprove Jooste’s death. However, there seems to be actual evidence to substantiate Jooste’s death, whereas the rumours that his death was faked are only substantiated by a lack of evidence.

The evidence to support Jooste’s death varies from eyewitness statements to reports that Jooste knew he was about to be arrested.

The police’s inquest docket is really the only question mark left for those who believe that Jooste might not be dead after all.

The people want accountability

At the end of the day, many of the doubts about whether Jooste really is dead seem to stem from the fact that some people feel like death was just too easy of an exit for the disgraced former Steinhoff CEO.

But as many experts have been quick to point out in the few days since Jooste’s death, fraud at this level is very rarely executed by just one or two people.

So there is still hope that as the investigation of what really happened at Steinhoff unfold – that all of the responsible parties will eventually be found and brought to justice.

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