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Why Floyd Shivambu believes imprisonment of Zuma was unwise

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Deputy Leader of the EFF, Floyd Shivambu has called on the president to release Jacob Zuma, as he and the EFF believe his imprisonment was an unwise decision. 

The Deputy Leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Floyd Shivambu issued a piece on Wednesday, 14 July 2021, on why he believes the imprisonment of former president, Jacob Zuma was not a wise decision. Shivambu claimed that the South African Apex Court departed from normal procedure in the decision to imprison Zuma for 15 months. Shivambu stated that this departure included the disregard of the applicable legislation on contempt of the court, which prescribes imprisonment not exceeding six months. He posed the question, “How does the imprisonment of Zuma help South Africa, and is imprisonment the right resolve to complex political problems?”

Shivambu stated that the leaders should be held accountable for misdemeanours and wrongdoing. He further questioned whether imprisonment was the right approach to do so. He noted some of the misdemeanours of Zuma when he still held office, naming his alleged militarisation and securitisation of Parliament. According to Shivambu, this is when Zuma reportedly instructed the police to evict and physically assault EFF members. He further claimed that Zuma also tried to get the EFF expelled from Parliament, and noted that it was then that Zuma was considered a direct threat to democratic order.

Shivambu stated that the imprisonment of Zuma was outrightly out of order and completely wrong, despite his misgivings and reactionary postures. He believes that the ultimate recall of Zuma as president was punishment enough for what he has referred to as perceived or real sins committed while Zuma was president. Shivambu also stated that it is therefore not wise or justifiable to pursue a former president who Shivambu believes does not possess any threat to the current regime and establishment. He has called on the president to release Zuma.

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