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Why FF Plus leader believes meeting with president was constructive

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The FF Plus leader has expressed that he considers the meeting with the president to have been constructive, and has informed on the key issues raised by the party.

The Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus) has expressed that it feels the meeting with President Cyril Ramaphosa on Wednesday, 14 July 2021, was constructive. The party noted that the president committed to taking the various proposals to heart and implement them as far as possible. Leader of the FF Plus, Pieter Groenewald informed that in the meeting, he emphasised that the civil unrest situation is extremely serious, and that swift action is to be taken to regain control of the various hotspot areas.

Groenewald stated that he expressed to the president that in order to achieve this, many more soldiers need to be deployed to assist the police force. The FF Plus also stated that the focus needs to be on safeguarding the main routes along which food, fuel and medicine are transported through heavy guarding and patrolling. It confirmed that it proposed 75 000 soldiers be deployed, rather than the 2 500, as they were too few, according to the party. The leader also stated that he made mention of firmly enforcing the curfew in the meeting, calling for those who violate it to be heavily penalised, and that the government needs to make it clear that violation of such regulations would not be tolerated.

The FF Plus further stated that it reiterated that it remains opposed to any form of martial law and that in the party’s view, the national police structures, the defence force, and the State Security Agencies (SSA) are not doing their jobs properly. The party also stated that if they were properly doing their jobs, then the current situation would not have occurred and enough people would have been deployed before Zuma went to prison. Groenewald concluded by stating that criminals appear to no longer fear or respect the police, but that violators should be punished.

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