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Why are second-hand Japanese cars not allowed in South Africa?

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The sale of second-hand Japanese cars in South Africa is prohibited, as SARS has suggested that the importing thereof threatens the local automobile manufacturing industry.

South Africa has prohibited the purchase and sale of second-hand and imported Japanese cars. In order for one to purchase such a car, one would have to bypass much red tape and receive permission from various governmental officials. The effort to do so is more labour intensive and costly than purchasing an automobile that has been locally manufactured.

That is the reason behind the South African Revenue Service (SARS) prohibiting the sale of imported cars. The authority explained that the allowance of such cars would negatively affect the business relationships it has with local automobile companies. This is due to the imported cars being sold for cheaper or sold to unsuspecting clients at the going price of locally manufactured cars. Therefore, imported cars were prohibited in order to continue the mutually beneficial relationship between South Africa and international automobile companies that locally manufacture their cars.

Sabelo Makhubo
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