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Who is Kitty’s brother in XO, Kitty?

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Kitty discovers that she might have a secret half-brother in the first season of XO, Kitty, but it turns out that Alex is not her brother after all.

Kitty accidentally stumbles across a cover-up during her investigations into her mother’s past in the first season of XO, Kitty.

Even though Kitty is led to believe that Alex may secretly be her half-brother for most of the season, the truth turns out to be even more complicated.

Who is Kitty’s brother in XO, Kitty?

Spin-off shows like XO, Kitty can be hit or miss when it comes to matching the emotional tone of the original series.

Fortunately, the drama and intrigue at the centre of the mystery surrounding Kitty and her siblings in the sub-plot of XO, Kitty, has been just as interesting to watch as the will-they-won’t-they romances in the To All the Boys film series.

Kitty’s informal investigations into her mother’s mysterious past uncovers more than a few dark secrets along the way.

One of the discoveries that shocked fans to their cores was the fact that Eve (Kitty’s deceased mother) had given birth to a child when she was in Seoul and had given this child, Kitty’s presumed half-brother, up for adoption.

However, after Kitty and Yuri dig deeper into this mystery, they discover that it was all an elaborate cover-up. Kitty is not the one with the secret brother after all.

The XO, Kitty cover-up

Kitty finds out that her presumed half-brother’s new parents were an Australian couple.

She then infers that based on his age, ethnicity and history, there is a high likelihood that her half-brother had been her Korean Independent School of Seoul (KISS) professor, Alex Finnert, all along.

However, she and Yuri later realise that Jina (Alex’s actual biological mother) had put Eve’s name on the birth certificate to disguise her identity and protect herself.

Who is Alex related to?

This means that Eve, and by extension, Kitty, never had any relation to Alex to begin with. However, it also means that Jina is Alex’s real mother and by the end of the first season, Jina confirms that Professor Lee is Alex’s father.

In the end, Yuri gained a new half-brother in Alex, not Kitty.

Where this subplot leaves off at the end of season one

Just before the end of the first season of XO, Kitty, Alex finds himself in an uncomfortable predicament.

He only applied to teach at KISS after finding out that Lee was his biological father, but when he realises that both of his biological parents seemingly want nothing to do with him, he is hell-bent on leaving.

Fortunately, Jina intercepts him and vows to spend more time with Alex and Yuri moving forward.