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What Surveoo does not tell you upfront

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What Surveoo does not tell you upfront

Earning money by simply completing surveys may sound compelling, but there are a few things to take note of before you sign up to Surveoo.

Signing up to Surveoo may seem like an easy way to make money, but there are many things that the platform does not tell you about right away.

What Surveoo does not tell you upfront

If you are looking for a way to generate some additional income, chances are, the idea of signing up to a survey platform has crossed your mind.

Surveoo promises to be the world’s leading survey platform, with over 11 million users (across 143 countries) and more than 45 million surveys launched. However, signing up to the platform may not be as profitable as it seems initially.

You may not always qualify for the paid surveys

The promise of receiving a cash reward for your screen time always seems alluring, but some digging reveals that the Surveoo platform is not exactly all that it is made out to be.

Though the platform lists a large number of surveys once you first register, many users have reported that they did not always get paid for the surveys they completed as promised.

Some users reported receiving less money than they expected for completing a survey (and certainly less than the R134.00 per survey promised when you first sign up) while others reportedly got messages stating that they were not the “desired” customers, and could not even enter some of the surveys listed.

It is also worth mentioning that while Surveoo promises to update their surveys regularly, there are seemingly not always as many surveys available to complete when you have been signed up to the platform for a while.

Do not let the good reviews fool you

At first glance, you may be very excited to join Surveoo, because the platform has a superb rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, with over 70% of the reviews giving the site 5 stars.

However, these reviews are also not exactly what they appear to be. Once you start scrolling through the reviews, you will notice that many of them state that they have been “redirected”, which means that the reviewers were prompted to leave reviews on Surveoo’s site.

And since the platform often offers bonuses for tasks like referring other users, clicking on daily emails and even leaving reviews, it might be safest to take these reviews with a grain of salt.

Other red flags

There are also several other red flags on the Surveoo platform that you should take note of. This includes:

  • Overzealous promises about high returns and being the “No. 1 Paid Survey” platform
  • Surveoo is not listed as a partner on PayPal’s website, despite the fact that PayPal is listed as one of the platform’s main payment methods.

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