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What is stage 6 load-shedding?

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In 2020, Eskom shocked many South Africans when it introduced three new levels to the load-shedding schedule, further implementing stage six for the first time in January 2020.

South Africa is currently the only country in the world that uses the term load-shedding. What other people describe as scheduled power cuts, South Africans refer to as load-shedding, which was introduced to help relieve the power grid.

In January 2020, the whole country experienced stage six load-shedding for the first time. Before the introduction of stage six, there were only four stages of load-shedding. When stage six load-shedding was introduced, South Africans had not even experienced stage five yet.

According to the power utility, stage six load-shedding entails scheduled power cuts that should last for five hours. Based on the schedule, some areas would have the five hours divided into two parts, with one power cut set for the morning and the other later in the evening.

However, that is not to say that Eskom followed the schedule, as there were numerous complaints about it allegedly failing to stick to the designated times in certain areas.