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We are not going to shortchange anybody – Tiger Brands

Tiger Brands denies it plans to oppose listeriosis class action cases

Tiger Brands, the Company embroiled in the listeriosis outbreak in South Africa, says the refund process of its Enterprise ready-to-eat processed meat product range, which includes polony, salami, cold meats, spreads, viennas, and russians, is ongoing, at both retail supermarkets and at the Company’s own factory shops.

Speaking to Political Analysis South Africa on Tuesday, 6 March, the company’s spokesperson, Nevashnee Naicker, said people “must take their product hampers to the factory shop, they will get a full refund, whether or not there are products missing from the hamper, eaten, or half-eaten, it’s irrelevant. Bring the hamper back, we will give you a full refund.”

Naicker, says the same applies for those who bought from retail supermarkets, and the Company advises them as follows: “you take your product, you go to the customer service department in any store, whether it is Checkers, Spar, Woolies, it doesn’t matter, and then you say, here is our [Tiger Brands’s] product, whether it is partially consumed, we will give you a full refund.”

She explains that the retailers are supporting the company in its product recall, and that the retailers conduct the refund, and Tiger Brands will reimburse “all of that money.”

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Naicker also responded to reports of unfulfilled refunds at some Tiger Brands factory shops, saying that problem has been addressed, and clarified “I think what has happened with some factory shops is as you can imagine, they don’t keep a lot of money in their shops…. so in some cases, they ran out of cash just because of people coming in all the time. And in those cases they took the names of those people, so that with the details we can reimburse those people.”

“So we are not going to shortchange anybody at all. It is a very meticulous process that is followed by the factory shops,” says Naicker.


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