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WARN Technology May Improve South African Miners’ Safety

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Advanced Communications has introduced WARN Technology which is proposed to improve miner’s safety; an issue that has been ongoing in the South African mining industry.

Advanced Communications recently introduced WARN or ‘Wireless Alert Remote Notification’ technology to address and tackle the issue of safety in South African mines. This wireless technology allows for more effective transmission between mining operators and the minors themselves. This allows earlier notification and emergency response to any danger that may be facing the miners whilst underground.

Managing Director of Advanced Communications, Yoni Margilit said, ““Advanced Communications has sourced advanced radios which use the mine’s existing metallic and conductive infrastructure to create reliable communication paths underground that extend for kilometres. This allows the mine to have a backup radio system that works whether mine power is on or off and even through obstructions”.

Mining Deaths and Injuries in South Africa

From reading the most recent International Council on Mining and Metal (ICMM) report, one can see that South Africa has the highest mining mortality rate in comparison to 15 other countries, In 2017, there were 25 miner deaths. In comparison Peru, which is the second highest at 4 mining deaths, one can see the need for this type of technology in the country.  Of course, between 2016 and 2017 miner deaths have decreased but as long as one miner is unsafe, South Africa needs to constantly be improving their approach. Hopefully, this technology is part of the answer to this ongoing and serious issue.


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