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Voter registration commences in Cameroon

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Voter registration commences in Cameroon

Voter registration throughout Cameroon and in the country’s diplomatic representations abroad began on Wednesday, 2 January 2018, under the supervision of ELECAM, the body in charge of organising and managing the electoral process.

“The process we launched today is part of the revision, not the redesign of the voters’ lists,” ELECAM boss, Erik Essousse, said.

The Electoral Code provides for the grooming of the electoral lists between 1 January  and  31 August  each year.

During the exercise, which has just been completed, 6,667,754 people were registered, including 19,420 abroad. Around 3.5 million Cameroonians voted in the presidential election of October 7, 2018, representing a turnout rate of 53.85 percent.

Essousse invited “all young people who have reached the age of voting i.e. 20 years of age, to register on the electoral rolls as well as other undecided persons in order to exercise the right to vote and to participate in the choice of the country’s leaders.”

According to the electoral calendar, Cameroon will hold at least two elections in 2019, including legislative and municipal elections scheduled for September.

As part of strengthening its decentralisation, Cameroon could hold its first regional elections this year with the establishment of regional councils in all ten regions of the country.


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