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Viggle AI is fun, somewhat, but definitely not a game changer

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The latest AI obsession is Viggle AI, but beyond the hype there’s nothing much else there.

We live in an age where the next big thing is the newest thing. The latest craze this week is Viggle AI, the Canada-based brand of WarpEngine Canada Inc, which bills itself as “the new hottest AI Creative Tool that is forever changing Memes and the future of AI Video.”

From being an unknown AI tool just a few months ago, Viggle AI has been quite the talk on social media, especially on Tiktok, Discord, and Facebook since March 2024. So much so that according to SimilarWeb, the Viggle AI website moved from a mere 89,000 visits in March 2024, to a whopping 6.9 million visits in May 2024.

So naturally to understand the hype, I decided to take Viggle for a spin, and it is, to my mind, nothing more than a bad dance meme generator.

The graphics are unrealistic, the animations choppy and robotic, and it is often unable to create the ‘complete look’ based uploaded images, and to a certain degree, produces heavily pixelated and fuzzy gyrating meme-like animations.

So, in the end, it is definitely not the miracle tech that some people (especially YouTube and social media influencers) are making it out to be.

At best, Viggle AI will be something nice to share with your friends on social media for a few weeks (as many are already doing), but it will certainly not be “future of AI video”, at least in its current form. Unless of course the future that awaits us is one of endless memes of badly created and rendered AI videos.

There is a caveat though, if Viggle AI were to make itself an integral and indispensable part the video creation process on social media, akin to TikTok’s Capcut, it would undoubtedly remain standing after all the hype is gone, even with the many shortcomings I detailed above.

Below is an example, actually the pictures of the videos I managed cobble up for this article:

Viggle AI is fun, somewhat, but definitely not a game changer