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Uzalo Latest Episode Review and Teaser for 9 July 2018

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Uzalo Latest Episode Review and Teaser for 4 September 2018

Nkunzi tried to sniff out his shooter while MaMlambo struggled to cope with being rejected by the church and her ancestors

The latest episode of Uzalo saw Nkunzi grow suspect about whom had shot him. Meanwhile, MaMlambo begged for death after being scathingly rejected.

Episode overview

Captain Mthimkhulu questioned Sbu and Fikile about Nkunzi’s gun. They both pleaded innocent.

Nkunzi grew suspicious about MaNgcobo. He asked if she had shot him, which she denied.

Sbu begged Fikile for a R500.00 loan. She urged him to return to work.

The church board fired MaMlambo from its council. Gabisile was appointed into the position.

MaNgcobo visited MaMlambo. She instructed the prophetess to uncover whom had shot Nkunzi.

A handsome suitor visited the salon. GC and Thobile swooned over the gentleman.

After failing to reach her ancestors, MaMlambo begged for death.

Sbu returned to work at Club Genesis. However, both Nosipho and MaNgcobo would not accept his excuses.

Nkunzi asked Qhabanga if he had been the shooter. Qhabanga preached on Samson and Delilah before refuting Nkunzi’s accusation.

MaNgcobo delivered Sbu and Fikile’s uniforms to MaMlambo. She made it clear that she expects an answer the following day.

Mxolisi delivered the R70,000 to Amos. However, Amos quickly changed the arrangement to R140,000, giving Mxolisi three days to deliver.

Technical analysis

Overall, the episode was well-balanced between the dramatic and the comedic. GC as always filled in the role of the clown, while Mxolisi’s drama’s position him as an underdog hero type. Meanwhile, the character of MaMlambo who usually brings an aspect of comedy, delivered a touching dramatic performance.

Teaser for 9 July 2018

MaNgcobo and Mamlambo both discover who shot Nkunzi. Thobile finds solace in Wandile. Sbu is fired.

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