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Uzalo Latest Episode Review and Teaser for 8 August 2018

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Uzalo Latest Episode Review and Teaser for 8 August 2018

Nkunzi proposed to MaMlambo while Mastermind was hunted down by Mondli’s police brigade.

The latest episode of Uzalo saw Nkunzi tell MaNgcobo that he intends to marry MaMlamabo. Meanwhile, Mastermind was gunned down by Mondli.

Episode overview

Gabisile caught GC and his friends partying away the night. She chased them all out and made GC spend the rest of the night cleaning up.

Zekhethelo told Mxolisi that Nkunzi had gotten her a job at the shisanyama. He told her not to accept that job due to her ongoing drug habit. She insisted that she is not an addict.

Gabisile and Mrs Madlala held a meeting with Fikile, Thobile and GC to lecture them on appropriate behaviour.

Mdletshe decided to return to KwaMashu. He prayed for forgiveness and drained all his bottles of beer.

Nkunzi showed MaMlambo that he can walk unaided. He then proposed marriage to her. She left in a state of shock.

Nkunzi then told MaNgcobo that he intends to marry MaMlambo.

Mastermind planned to deliver eight luxury cars to Phillipe. He also planned to leave Thobile and move to La Lucia with the money he was going to make from the deal.

Mxolisi told Amos that he would no longer peddle drugs.

As Mastermind was on his way to deliver the stolen vehicles, he was hunted down by Mondli and a police brigade. He attempted to beat them in a chase, but he was cornered. He then refused to surrender and reached for his gun, but Mondli shot him down.

You can watch the full episode below:

Technical analysis

The car chase scene was well filmed and delivered much dramatic impact. These kind of plot developments are what distinguish Uzalo from other soap dramas, as the show crosses genres and breaks boundaries in a very effective way.

Teaser for 8 August 2018

Someone’s arrival bursts Qhabanga’s bubble in the middle of his address to the adoring congregation, while Thobile continues to stress about Mastermind. In the meantime, MaNgcobo is frothing at the mouth over Nkunzi’s decision and tries to handle the situation.

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