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Uzalo Latest Episode Review and Teaser for 17 October 2018

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Uzalo Latest Episode Review and Teaser for 17 October 2018

Nosipho’s nightmares returned to haunt her while Mrs Madlala mourned over her husband.

[Watch] Uzalo Latest Episode on Thursday, 18 October 2018

The latest episode of Uzalo saw Nosipho worry about the meaning of her dreams. Meanwhile, Mrs Madlala struggled to accept the passing of her husband.

Episode Overview

Nosipho told Zekhethelo about her disturbing dreams.


GC brought his belongings over to Thobile’s house after being evicted by Gabisile.

MaMlambo showed Nkunzi the type of car she wants. He was taken aback by her outlandish requests.

MaMlambo had Sbu drive her around town.

MaNgcobo went off at the club staff for not working hard enough, including Nosipho.

Qinisela begged Mdletshe to help end the community protests.

Nkunzi scolded Sbu for being late to work. He sent Sbu off to find headlights for a second-hand vehicle for MaMlambo.

Gabisile and Qhabanga shared their thoughts on politics. Mdletshe was disgusted by their behaviour in his home.

Nosipho told MaNgcobo about her dream. She was determined to find out its meaning.

Nosipho’s haunting nightmare returned. She awoke in horror and was comforted by Mondli.

Thobile agreed to let GC rent Mastermind’s flatlet.

Mr Mbatha raced to the hospital to be by Mrs Madlala’s side as she faced the death of her husband.

You can watch the full episode below:

Technical Analysis

MaNgcobo’s sudden outburst at her staff seemed out of place and illogical. Her performance was overwrought and untamed, which may have alienated her from audiences. Inserting such dramatic story points randomly should be avoided to maintain a sense of overall naturalism and causality in the series.

Teaser for 17 October 2018

MaNgcobo is fed up with Nkunzi spending so much time with MaMlambo. Mondli is conflicted about applying for Captain, and Nosipho’s troubled sleep continues.

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