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Uzalo Latest Episode Review and Teaser for 14 September 2018

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Uzalo Latest Episode Review and Teaser for 14 September 2018

MaNgcobo’s wedding plans backfired while Gabisile organised volunteer work for Zekhethelo.

[Watch] Uzalo Latest Episode on Monday, 17 September 2018

The latest episode of Uzalo saw Nkunzi humiliate MaNgcobo. Meanwhile, Gabisile offered Zekhethelo the opportunity to help the community.

Episode Overview

Nkunzi arrived at Club Genesis surprised to find MaNgcobo, Nosipho, Mxolisi and Mdletshe awaiting his arrival. He refused to marry MaNgcobo under the circumstances.


Sbu sought advice from MaMlambo about his recurring nightmare.

Zekhethelo and Thobile made amends with each other.

MaNgcobo asked MaMlambo to convince Nkunzi to marry her first. MaMlambo taunted her, causing her to break a glass out of frustration.

Gabisile offered Zekhethelo a chance to give back to the community. She suggested that Zekhethelo be Khwezi’s afternoon tutor.

MaMlambo encouraged Nkunzi to make MaNgcobo his first wife but he remained reluctant.

MaGwala was nervous to leave Khwezi with Zekhethelo but Gabisile ensured her that the little girl would be in safe hands. Gabisile gifted Khwezi with a children’s Bible and asked her to find a verse to read aloud in church.

MaMlambo and MaNgcobo fought over who should be Nkunzi’s first wife.

Sbu’s paranoia worsened as he locked himself in the house during the daytime. He begged Fikile to bunk work and stay with him during the night.

MaNgcobo refused to accept defeat.

Nosipho arranged for Bab’Mthethwa to find work at Club Genesis.

A mystery character watched Bab’Mthethwa at work at the shisanyama.

You can watch the full episode below:

Technical Analysis

The concluding scenes of this episode were poorly filmed. The shots of Nosipho and Bab’Mthethwa were out of focus and distorted. Furthermore, these characters dubbed speech did not match the movement of their lips in the scene.

Teaser for 14 September 2018

MaGwala gets the fright of her life. The Glam squad’s budget is rejected. MaNgcobo lays down her cards, leaving Nkunzi with a difficult decision to make.

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