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Uzalo Latest Episode Review and Teaser for 12 October 2018

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Nkunzi demanded that MaNgcobo bear him an heir while Sbu wrangled his way back into his bartending job.

[Watch] Uzalo Latest Episode on Monday, 15 October 2018

The latest episode of Uzalo saw Nkunzi order MaNgcobo to conceive a child for him. Meanwhile, Sbu charmed his way back into his job at Club Genesis.

Episode Overview

MaNgcobo accused MaMlambo of trying to come between her and Nkunzi by offering to conceive his child.

Gabisile picked up on the tension between Zekhethelo and Mxolisi.

Sbu’s lack of finance left Fikile unimpressed.

Captain Biyela eavesdropped on Mondli and his station mates.

MaNgcobo took her frustrations out on Qhabanga. She ordered him to clean up the rubbish outside the club.

Captain Biyela spun a story about his wife’s elderly parents to get Mondli to reconsider applying for the captain’s position.

Nkunzi admitted that he wants MaNgcobo to bear his heir as she is the first wife. Qhabanga encouraged him to persuade her by any means necessary.

Nosipho was disappointed in Mondli for falling for Biyela’s story.

Nkunzi visited MaNgcobo at the club. He informed her that she will fall pregnant whether she likes it or not.

Qhabanga planned more protests with community business leaders.  He discouraged them from acting violently.

Sbu took up his old job behind the bar at Club Genesis. He charmed MaNgcobo into rehiring him.

Qhabanga thanked Fikile and GC for making him relevant in the community again by leaking the video.

Zekhethelo, Gabisile and Mdletshe worried about Mxolisi when he did not arrive home for dinner.

Nosipho spotted Mxolisi and Lilly at the club drinking together.

You can watch the full episode below:

Technical Analysis

This episode showed good character relationship contrasts between the younger and older couples. Mirroring character stories this way structures the episode neatly and gives audiences a sense of unity between characters.

Teaser for 12 October 2018

Mondli is conflicted as he is torn between his dream job and taking his friend’s job, while Nkunzi considers if conceiving a child in a house with conflict is ideal.

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