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Uzalo Latest Episode Review and Teaser for 11 October 2018

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Mxolisi and Zekhethelo bickered over celibacy while Nkunzi shocked his wives with a sudden request.

[Watch] Uzalo Latest Episode on Friday, 12 October 2018

The latest episode of Uzalo saw Mxolisi and Zekhethelo struggle to communicate with each other. Meanwhile, Nkunzi stunned MaNgcobo and MaMlambo by asking them to bear him an heir.

Episode Overview

Mxolisi arrived home after a night out. He refused to tell Zekhethelo where he had been.

Thobile scolded both Fikile and GC for exploiting Gabisile for money.

Mondli was hesitant to apply for the captain’s position. Nosipho motivated him to go for it.

Nkunzi was caught off guard by a young boy who asked him to be his father.

Qhabanga encouraged Nkunzi to have an heir to inherit his fortunes.

The church board gossiped about Gabisile and Qhabanga’s romance during a meeting. Gabisile refused to entertain their curiosity.

Mondli made it clear to Captain Biyela that he oversees the station. He took his team out to arrest Qhabanga’s rowdy protesters without the help of the captain.

Mxolisi asked Zekhethelo out on a movie date to make up for his earlier behaviour. While she went to change out of her work clothes, he flirted with a group of girls.

Zekhethelo changed her mind about going on the date after she and Mxolisi fought over her celibacy.

Nkunzi sat his wives down to discuss his desire for an heir. While MaNgcobo was totally against the possibility of having another child, MaMlambo was open to the idea and promised to give Nkunzi whatever he wants.

Zekhethelo turned to Nosipho for comfort after her fight with Mxolisi.

You can watch the full episode below:

Technical Analysis

The scene between Qhabanga and Nkunzi was very dimly lit and as a result gave the scene a feeling of sinister planning. While these two characters are understandably morally paradoxical, the mood given off by the lighting did not portray the message of the scene well.

Teaser for 11 October 2018

Mondli has second thoughts about the captaincy position. Sbu manages to worm himself back to his job.

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