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Uganda works with Microsoft to further its technological advancements

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In a move to place digital transformation and innovation at the centre of Uganda’s national agenda, Uganda’s Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Microsoft East Africa.

The MoU was signed on Monday, 12 November 2018, in Kampala and is aimed at creating a framework for successful collaboration to create sustainable, scalable projects and initiatives which will leverage the use of Microsoft technologies and expertise to transform Uganda’s ICT innovation landscape for socio-economic development.

“Through a systematic and sustainable holistic approach, contributions from both parties will address needs closely linked to government priorities. These include supporting the development of next generation applications, building technical expertise to spur innovation through the Microsoft AppFactory programme, supporting the growth of entrepreneurship through access to the necessary tools and supporting the commercialisation of intellectual property through developing an online Internet Protocol (IP) registration prototype for the region. We’ve committed to provide technical support to the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance in equipping the government innovation hubs with the necessary tools and skills that will harness a 21st century developer ecosystem in the region; and by developing technical excellence Uganda will be well poised to develop next generation applications,” said Sebuh Haileleul, country manager Microsoft East Africa.

“Initiatives such as our Partner Skills Hub, as well as identifying the correct AppFactory model will be key in rolling this out,” Haileleul added.

Further to this, Haileleu explained that added to its contributions, Microsoft will also partner with academic institutions in Uganda to provide content and software that will prepare students for the jobs of the future.

Frank Tumwebaze, Uganda’s Minister for ICT, said: “We recognise that in today’s ever-changing environment, successful implementation of initiatives requires additional support from government departments and partners alike. As an established leader in productivity and platform technology, it makes sense to partner with Microsoft as we share common goals for empowering organisations and individuals in Uganda through access to technology, ultimately making Uganda’s Vision 2040, a reality.”

Under the MoU, Uganda’s ICT Ministry will contribute personnel for pilot programmes, proofs of concept and subsequent projects in order to achieve the initiatives outlined.



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