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UDM sends encouraging message to Jacob Zuma

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The UDM leader has sent former president, Jacob Zuma a message of encouragement, as he welcomed him back into society and touched on the economic impact of corruption.

The United Democratic Movement (UDM) issued a message of encouragement to former president, Jacob Zuma on Thursday, 14 October 2021. It thanked the former president for an invitation to attend his National Welcome Prayer event.

The UDM welcomed Zuma back into society, noting that he is yet to enjoy full freedom. Holomisa called it lamentable that government and its institutions are suffering from selective amnesia when it comes to putting people on trial, as even-handedness and fairness seem to disappear as the same rules do not seem to apply to everyone.

He went on to state that South Africans deserve better as corruption has made the economy suffer with people consequently being unemployed and others losing their jobs. He also noted how the Zondo Commission of Inquiry exposed many corrupt people.

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