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Traffic cops “tide of corruption” still rampant due to impunity, says IFP

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Drawing on recent reports of bribery, IFP has called on the government to clamp down on corruption in the Durban Metro Police department.

On Tuesday, 11 December 2018, the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) released a statement calling for unbridled corruption in the eThekwini Municipality’s police department to be taken on with more seriousness, stating that this ongoing misconduct, “is largely due to impunity with which cases are dealt with as well as the lack of decisive action by senior officials who are not articulating their oath of service.”

This comes after two traffic officers in Westville, Durban, were arrested last week after bribing a truck driver who was transporting foreign nationals with an expired disc. The party claims that the incident, “is a clear reflection of corruption that exists in the service.”

“These dishonest activities sabotage the ability of the Metro Police to preserve the rule of law, through the loss of public confidence,” claimed the IFP, calling on all traffic officers to “uphold the integrity of the police service.”

In the same breath, the party cautioned motorists not to play into this criminality by paying any traffic officers outside of a police station, and to ensure that they always receive a receipt following any settling of traffic fines.

The Inkatha Freedom Party added that it will continue to push the government to meet “this scourge” with less impunity, whilst also implementing deeper, systemic changes within the department.

“We, the IFP, call on government to demonstrate a sustained and sincere commitment to acting on police corruption at all levels,” the party concluded.

Dayna Remus
[email protected]


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