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The Throne Teasers for March 2019

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Here are the highlights for the upcoming March episodes for the soap drama, The Throne.

The Throne airs on Mzansi Magic from Mondays to Thursdays at 19:00.

Monday 4 March 2019

Episode 125

The Deceit Games

Moseki manages to get the council to approve him as Dipuo’s regent. Kefilwe vows to make Odirile pay for Mosetsana’s murder.

Tuesday 5 March 2019

Episode 126

“Am I Crazy”

Kefilwe starts playing mind games with Odirile. A new Regent is installed in Kweneng.

Wednesday 6 March 2019

Episode 127

Unhinged Mind

Odirile is haunted by what she did to Mosetsana. Moseki tells Lazarus that he won’t participate in any corruption in honour of his daughter.

Thursday 7 March 2019

Episode 128

Princess’ Revenge

Lazarus confronts Moseki at the Palace over the tender. Odirile starts to think she’s going mad.

Monday 11 March 2019

Episode 129

Nothing is Guaranteed

Lazarus starts to turn the screws on Moseki. Mosadi acknowledges Kefilwe’s innocence and asks for forgiveness for not believing that she murdered Mosetsana.

Tuesday 12 March 2019

Episode 130

The Last Drink

Odirile finally cracks. Moseki sets up a trap to trap Lazarus.

Wednesday 13 March 2019

Episode 131

Losing Her Mind!

Kefilwe’s revenge plan is working like a charm. Odirile fears that she is going losing touch with reality.

Thursday 14 March 2019

Episode 132

“One Must Die”

Moseki raises Goitseone’s suspicious when he gives Mme Naledi money. Odirile learns that Kefilwe is behind the voices in her head.

Monday 18 March 2019 

Episode 133

False Confession!

Odirile confesses. Lazarus is desperate to kill Moseki. Goitseone faces a crossroad.

Tuesday 19 March 2019 

Episode 134

Over Dead Bodies!

Moseki puts up a pretence to his family about Dipuo being alive and to get Goitseone’s help, Lazarus shows him where Dipuo is buried.

Wednesday 20 March 2019

Episode 135

To Kill a Monster!

Goitseone’s murderous plan for Moseki is rapidly taking shape. Moseki is broken by his double life. Kefilwe races against time to catch Odirile out on her lie

Thursday 21 March 2019 

Episode 136

Anonymous Tip-Off

Another body is found in the bushes of Kweneng. Lazarus fears Goitseone has sold him out.

Monday 25 March 2019 

Episode 137

Leaders Die!

The police make another shocking discovery. Lazarus makes an intriguing offer to Odirile.

Tuesday 26 March 2019 

Episode 138

Romeo’s Body!

Moseki slowly makes his way down into the grave he has dug for himself. Sephiri conducts an investigation of her own.

Wednesday 27 March 2019 

Episode 139

My Father, My Killer!

Odirile has her eyes set on attaining the throne again. Tumelo wants Queen Mosadi to fight for her rightful place. The walls are beginning to close in on Moseki.

Thursday 28 March 2019 

Episode 140

Killing for the Throne!

The search for Moseki begins as the news of his connection to Dipuo’s murder makes the rounds. Sephiri is relentless as she tries to get the truth out of Moseki.


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