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The Ngarbuh massacre dominates Cameroonian headlines

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A report incriminating the army in a massacre of civilians in the locality of Ngarbuh (North-West) during February 2020 has caught the attention of Cameroonian newspapers.

The Guardian reports that Paul Biya demanded harsh punishment against the perpetrators.

Mutation recalls how Human Rights Watch reported twenty dead whilst the government insisted that only five had lost their lives.

“All liars?” wonders Le Jour, also noting that a few days after the Ngarbuh massacres, international NGOs as well as the United Nations (UN) had launched an appeal for the opening of an independent investigation, some of them having in fact indexed the Cameroonian soldiers as being at the origin of these massacres.

Following the report by the commission of inquiry, Modestly reports that Paul Biya ordered the opening of disciplinary proceedings against a battalion commander and all the military leaders who took part in the assault.

He also purportedly ordered the exhumation of the bodies at the expense of the state in order to give victims a dignified burial, appropriate compensation and the strengthening of security within the affected village.


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