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The biggest, best and weirdest Gatsbys in Cape Town

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The biggest, best and weirdest Gatsbys in Cape Town

There are Gatsby spots all over Cape Town, but only a few places have been able to create truly unique take on this popular dish.

While South Africa may not exactly be world-renowned for its street food, locals know that there is one Capetonian food-Frankenstein that hits the spot every time.

The uniquely South African combination of an extra-long sub, packed with any kind of protein that your heart desires (from calamari to steak), buried with a mountain of hot chips and trimmings and smothered in a special sauce has been firmly established as one of our nation’s most powerful and well-loved inventions.

And even if you feel like you have tried just about every combination possible, there may still be a special Gatsby out there that can turn your world upside down.

Gatsbys of all shapes and sizes

It would be difficult to have any conversation about food in Cape Town, without someone interjecting with their favourite Gatsby spot.

But, though places like The Golden Dish, Aneesa’s, Mariam’s Kitchen and the Ottery Farm Stall will always be crowd-pleasers, there are also a few out-of-the-norm Gatsby spots that you should seriously consider adding to your culinary bucket list.

All about Cape Town’s biggest Gatsby

Gatsby lovers will know that one particularly special Gatsby-invention, affectionately nicknamed ‘The Undertaker’ for its massive, 2.5 meter size, made headlines all across the country in 2021.

And fortunately, MCD Pizza’s And Takeaway in Forest Drive, Eerste River is still going strong, three years later.

MCC Pizza’s and Takeaways prides themselves in creating some of the biggest Gatsbys that you have ever laid eyes on, and a recent peek at their menu reveals that they have various options to choose from, including a polony, Penny polony, chicken mayo, vegetable, beef burger, Russian, rib, steak, Vienna and full-house Gatsby, available in the half, standard, giant, Khali (2 meter) or Undertaker (2.5 meter) options.

The details for the restaurant can be summarized as follows:

Detail Description
Restaurant name MCD Pizza’s and Takeaways
Location 2 Gordon Road Russell’s Rest Eerste River, Cape Town, South Africa
Delivery Available through Mr D to surrounding areas
Halaal MCD Pizza’s and Takeaways is fully Halaal
Contact details 076 632 1675 or

Where to eat the Flattest Gatsby in Cape Town

Once you have tackled the biggest Gatsby that Cape Town has to offer, it may be time to try a delicacy on the other end of the spectrum.

While your run-of-the-mill Gatsbys usually include your choice of toppings stuffed into a large roll, the Gatsbys at Zaika go outside of the box by stuffing either Tandoori Chicken or Masala Steak inside their famous naan to form a uniquely flat Gatsby.

The details for Zaika are as follows:

Details Description
Location 8 Kromboom Gardens Centre, Corner of Kromboom Road & Burwood Road, Crawford
Contact details +27 21 697 3084 or

Where to find a vegetarian Gatsby in Cape Town

Cape Town’s food scene is always at the cutting-edge of the newest culinary trends. And even when you are dealing with a well-loved classic like a Gatsby, there are still a few places that rock the boat, just a little bit.

If you have wanted to try a Gatsby, but the polony, fish and steak options are just not quite your style, you may want to stop by Cosy Corner, the so-called “Home of the Gatsby.”

Cosy Corner has been established as one of the must-visit Gatsby spots in and near Cape Town, and luckily for the vegetarians and vegans among us, they also offer a full and half “Vegetarian” option, which includes all of the trimmings and none of the meat.

Cosy Corner’s details are as follows:

Details Description
Location 119 Ottery Road, Wynberg, Cape Town, 7824
Contact (021) 797 2498 or

Where to eat the Gatsby that started it all

No weird-and-wonderful list of must-visit Gatsby spots would be complete without mentioning the birthplace of the dish.

Super Fisheries is well-known for being the “Home of the original Cape Town Gatsby” and Rashaad Pandy and his team are still serving hundreds of Gatsbys to hungry customers to this day.

As the story goes, Mr Pandy invented this now very famous dish accidentally when he was confronted with feeding the four hungry construction workers who had shown up to set up the Super Fisheries shop.

It did not take long for this on-the-fly creation to build a reputation within the local Athlone community, and once one customer coined it a “Gatsby Smash”, the rest became history.

The details of Super Fisheries can be summarized as follows:

Details Description
Location 63 Old Klipfontein Rd, Athlone, Cape Town, 7760
Contact details 021 696 9833