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The best cell phone coverage in South Africa

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Based on data coverage percentages, LTE, as well as download speeds, Vodacom provides the best cell phone coverage in SA.

What defines good cell phone coverage?

Data coverage statistics from MyBroadband, as well as OpenSignals report on the state of the various networks 4G, LTE and download speeds to determine the best cell phone coverage in South Africa.

And First Place Goes to… Vodacom!

Vodacom’s 3G coverage was rated 99.4 by my MyBroadband, and thus seems to be the premium of 3G in South Africa. Similarly, Vodacom’s 4G received a 77.6 percent rating. Although, Vodacom just lags behind MTN’s download speed, the LTE speed is top notch.

Although there was only slight differentiation between Vodacom and MTN, Vodacom gets the grand prize thanks to its slightly higher 3G and 4G speeds. But, Vodacom’s overall data coverage matches MTN at 99.9%.

The Runner Up: MTN

MTN’s 3G and 4G coverage are just slightly behind Vodacom’s, at 97, 0% and 75, 0% respectively. MTN’s LTE speed is on par with Vodacom however their download speeds are slightly higher.

In Third Place: Cell-C

Cell C’s 3G coverage is just behind the heels of MTN at 96.0%, but their 4G coverage is sourly lacking at 32.0% leaving them with an overall data coverage of 99.6%. Their download speed is slightly higher than Telkom’s, and their LTE speeds are,” lower than the global LTE average of 16.2 mbps”, as OpenSignal states.

Unfortunately, Telkom is last to cross the finish line with only 56.0% 3G coverage and 40.7% 4G coverage. This leaves them at an overall data coverage of 50.0%. Their LTE, as Cell C’s, is below the expected average and their download speed also comes in last place.


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