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The ANC must get its house in order, says PAC

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High court sets aside Moloto’s decision to suspend party constitution and structures

The Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) says “we cannot have a situation where the whole country is being held at ransom by one political party – the ANC must get its house in order.”

Speaking to Political Analysis South Africa on Wednesday, 7 February, the PAC’s spokesperson, Kenneth Mokgatlhe, says a decision by the ANC government to postpone the State of the Nation Address, represents a failure in understanding the “checks and balances that make a democracy function.”

Mokgatlhe says his party is worried about postponement as “millions of rand already been spent on different suppliers and service providers – people have been paid for the work that they have been doing for the past weeks in preparation for the State of the Nation Address.” He says the decision to postpone the State of the Nation Address was “wasteful and contributes to fruitless expenditure – a needless waste of the public’s money.”

The PAC issued a stern warning to the ANC, saying, “they [the ANC] must take our people [the South African public] seriously. The ANC must get their house in order, and ensure that they are taking our country seriously.”

Mokgatlhe also took aim at State of the Province Addresses, saying that the PAC rejects the notion of provinces, “we must do away with these provinces, they must not exist”, and the party believes the upcoming nine State of the Province Address, in all nine provinces, are a further strain on a limited public fiscus.