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The 7th E-World Starlight Cherry Blossom Festival in Daegu



On Thursday, 8 March, Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) announced the opening of the E-World Starlight Cherry Blossom Festival in Daegu.

This year marks the 7th anniversary of the festival, and will kick off on Saturday, 24 March. LED lights and more than three times the amount of cherry blossom trees than the famous cherry blossom spot along Yunjung-ro Road in Yeouido are waiting for you until the last day of the festival, Sunday 8 April.

The festival will offer various programs such as Cherry Blossom Shower Party, which will be held on 31 March, from 20:00, featuring incredible fireworks and pink balloon events.

You can take photos in a romantic atmosphere at the Cherry Blossom Photo Race held on 31 March and 7 April.

Also, throughout the period of the festival, you can take pictures at the photo zone at E-world’s most popular red double-decker bus. On top of that, food trucks await hungry visitors.

The fees vary according to the time of the day you want to attend the festival, your age, and whether you want to take some rides or not.

  • Admission + Rides (All day): Adult 39,000 won / Teenager 34,000 won / Children 29,000 won
  • Admission + Rides (Evening): Adult 25,000 won / Teenager 23,000 won / Children 23,000 won
  • Admission only: Adults 20,000 won / Teenager 12,000 won / Children 11,000 won

More information can be found on E-World’s website in Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, French, Spanish, and Sinhala.


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