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Swaziland provides seed money for Africa malaria fund

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eSwatini or ‘Swaziland’, as it is sometimes referred to, has become the first country to make a financial move into the establishment of an Africa malaria fund.

APA (Agence de Presse Africaine) learnt on Wednesday, 6 March 2019 that the African state pumped in $357,142 this week towards initial costs of the fund.

King Mswati III, who is chairperson of the African Leaders Malaria Alliance, has also approved the hiring of an individual who will help establish the fund’s secretariat and liaise with donors.

The donation of the money happened two weeks after the king announced his intention to establish a fund to speed up the fight against malaria by giving financial support to those that are still behind.

The money was handed by Finance Minister Neal Rijkenberg to Health Minister Lizzie Nkosi who said eSwatini was aiming at leading other African countries to the possibility of zero malaria deaths throughout the continent.

eSwatini is among eight countries that have recorded great success in the fight against malaria, finding a position in the Elimination-8 team.


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