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Survivor South Africa returns for a sixth season, with new rules

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Survivor South Africa returns for a sixth season, with new rules

Survivor South Africa: Philippines will air from 3 May 2018 on M-Net.

M-Net has officially announced that a sixth instalment of Survivor South Africa will be on screens from 3 May 2018.

The history of the Survivor franchise

The Survivor franchise has been one of the most successful reality television series. The US version of the show premiered the 36th season, Survivor: Ghost Island on February 28, 2018.

The basic premise for the original show was that sixteen or more players would be split between two or more tribes. These tribes were then taken to a remote location such as a tropical island and were forced to live off the land with meagre supplies for over a month.

Survivor South Africa’s new rules

In this season of Survivor South Africa, the rules have changed slightly.

There will be eighteen contestants who will have to endure longer than any previous South African winner. The contestants will be outcast on the tropical islands of the Philippines for 39 days.

In a promotion for the show, M-net has noted that these islands are home to ‘distinct forests and bays which are teeming with indigenous wildlife’.

The eighteen South African contestants will thus battle the elements and each other to win the coveted prize and title. The aim of the game is as always, to ‘outwit, outplay and outlast’.

Subsequently, the finalists will have to convince a jury of ousted contestants to vote them the winner in a final Tribal Council.

The host and contestant profiles

The host for this season is popular presenter Nico Panagio. Panagio has hosted the show since its third season which was filmed in 2009.

To view the profiles of the eighteen contestants for this season visit the M-Net website.

The first episode of Survivor South Africa: Philippines will air on Thursday 3 May, at 19:00 on M-Net, channel 101 on the DStv platform.


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