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Steenhuisen highlights DA’s achievements in governance of Cape Town

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John Steenhuisen has highlighted some of the DA’s achievements in the delivery of good governance over the 15 years that it has led the City of Cape Town.

On Wednesday, 15 September 2021, leader of the Democratic Alliance (DA), John Steenhuisen issued his weekly newsletter, Straight Talk with John Steenhuisen, detailing the party’s track record over the 15 years in which it has governed the City of Cape Town. According to Steenhuisen, this is evidence of what the party has to offer in terms of governance at a local level.

Steenhuisen noted that sustained delivery is the only possible foundation for clean and effective governance. He stated that the DA-led city has achieved 15 consecutive unqualified annual audits due to its strong anti-corruption stance, being the only metro to have achieved this.

The leader also affirmed of the city’s pro-poor delivery record as another critical component of its good governance, having delivered free basic water and sanitation services to 40 percent of households, which is double the national averages of 21.8 percent and 18.7 percent, respectively. He further claimed that the DA also tripled its arrest rate, ensuring safety and security.

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What efforts has the DA implemented to achieve a tripled arrest rate in Cape Town?

The party allocated a 55 percent increase in the safety and security budget in the past five years, as well as a R3 billion Law Enforcement Advancement Plan in getting more law enforcement on the ground.

Has the DA contributed to tackling unemployment in Cape Town?

Cape Town is confirmed to have the lowest broad unemployment rate of all South African metros, being 14 percentage points below the national average. The city is also said to be ranked as the top financial centre in sub-Saharan Africa.

How has the DA-led city handled load-shedding?

Cape Town is noted as the only metro able to protect residents and businesses from load-shedding. This is achieved through the city-owned and operated Steenbras hydroelectric pumped storage scheme, leading the charge in diversifying energy supply in the city.


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