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Steenhuisen declares DA’s elections readiness

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Steenhuisen has flighted the DA’s first elections posters, assuring of the party’s readiness to contest and reiterating its notion of not allowing ANC to bend the rules.

Democratic Alliance (DA) leader, John Steenhuisen issued a statement on Wednesday, 8 September 2021, as the party officially put up the first of its elections posters in eThekwini, KwaZulu-Natal (KZN). He assured of the DA’s readiness for the elections and bringing about real change to metros and municipalities it believes were destroyed by years of the African National Congress’ (ANC) failure.

Steenhuisen noted that the party’s posters would serve as a reminder of the fact that the DA is the only party willing and ready to contest the elections. This comes after the ANC and other parties called for the elections to be postponed.

Steenhuisen also expressed hope that the Constitutional Court judgement would not bend the rules for the ANC’s failure to make candidate submission deadlines, as this would constitute different treatment. The DA is therefore affirming of its quest to not allow the ANC or the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) to manipulate rules.

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