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Stage 5 already implemented, Eskom denies allegations

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The power utility has denied plans to implement Stage 5 and 6 load shedding, however, energy expert Ted Blom says this is not true, Stage 5 has already been implemented.

Talking to eNCA on Wednesday morning, 20 March 2019, energy expert Ted Blom has accused Eskom of lying, saying Stage 5 load shedding has already been implemented. Blom explained the technicalities of the Stages, saying that Stage 1 goes up to 1 000 megawatts shed off the grid, Stage 2 up to 2 000 megawatts, and the technicality follows that fashion.

“Eskom is lying to us, they said yesterday [Tuesday, 19 March 2019] that on Monday [18 March 2019] we dropped up to 4 900 megawatts. Now, if you follow the definition, that’s Stage 5.”


Asked to explain all the unannounced power cuts that happen throughout the day before the scheduled load shedding kicks in, Blom said that is because the country is already experiencing Stage 5 load shedding.

“Well, that’s because we’re in Stage 5 and they’ve lost control of the system. They’re lying, if you go to minute 23 [of the press conference with Minister Gordhan and Eskom board chairperson Jabu Mabuza], their own Head of Systems Operations says, plainly, “we have hit 4 900 megawatts offline on Monday”. Eskom is denying it, they’re absolute liars,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Eskom’s Head of Generation Andrew Etzinger said they hope to lower the load shedding Stages over the next few days. He said there’s no need for Stage 5 and 6 implementations, fundamentally denying Blom’s allegations of a Stage 5 already being implemented.

“Eskom is implementing Stage 4 load shedding with no requirement to take that beyond Stage 4, but media reports are to the contrary. There’s no requirement at this Stage to escalate to Stage 5 and 6,” he said.

Abenathi Gqomo
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