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South Sudan poised for public service reforms

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Plans are underway to initiate reforms in South Sudan’s civil service sector to offer employment opportunities for youth in the country, the labour minister said.

Speaking to media on Monday, 11 February 2019, James Hoth Mai said 10 committees, each composed of 7 members, were formed to screen qualifications of government employees in all ministries, commissions and authorities.

“We want to screen the civil servants and see what kind of work they are doing; we also want to verify their certificates”, said Mai.

He said his ministry realized many ghost names exist among civil servants while others have obtained fake certificates.

“We will even contact those universities and colleges to verify those documents”, he said.

The committee members, Mai disclosed, will start their work next week.

He further said civil servants found to be over 65 years will automatically go for pensions as per South Sudan Pension Act 2016.

The move, he stressed, would allow the new graduates to get employment opportunities in the various sectors and departments of the country.

“We cannot progress and continue depending on old people. We need new graduates to takeover. The world is going ahead and you need young people with new technology to come and change the system”, said Mai.

Last month, the first batch of 235 civil servants received their pensions. Over 1,100 individuals, Mai said, are to benefit from the pension scheme.

Mai, a former army chief, expressed concerns that the country’s citizens were shunning certain jobs, allowing foreigners to do them.

“We need to change our attitude towards some jobs. Our people don’t want to work. Instead of wasting time playing cards or dominos, you can do something”, he stressed.

Mai urged the youth to embrace peace and develop the country.



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