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South African queen size bed dimensions in cm

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The dimensions of a queen bed in South Africa are 152 cm by 188 cm, but the dimensions of the bed are not the only thing to consider.

Although the names of bed sizes like “Queen” and “King” began as a marketing gimmick, these terms are still used to this day.

The size of a queen bed in South Africa may differ from the dimensions of the same bed in other countries, but there are still several factors to consider to ensure that this bed’s size is right for you.

Where mattress size names come from

Before mattresses started becoming widely produced, people mostly slept on bunches of leaves, grass, and other vegetation bundled together on the ground. Then, in 1926 when mattresses started being mass produced, twin-sized mattresses were the only really popular size of mattresses being purchased.

In 1950, in a bid to increase the sales of mattresses of other sizes, the bigger sizes were marketed with names such as “King” and “Queen” in order to associate a sense of grandeur with the bigger mattresses. Although the production methods, materials, technologies, and sizing of these mattresses have changed over the years, these names have stayed and are still used in marketing materials worldwide to this day.

South African queen size bed dimensions in cm

Although terms such as “queen sized bed” are common phrases to use all over the world, they do not necessarily mean the same thing in every country. Differing manufacturing processes and standards in various countries result in bed sizes differing from one country to the next, even though these beds may have the same name.

In South Africa, the standard dimensions of a queen size bed is 152 cm by 188 cm. In this case, the 152 cm refers to the width of the bed, and the 188 cm refers to the length. This gives each person in a pair, 76 cm of space on their side of the bed. Some companies also offer an added length version of their queen beds, which can go up to a length of 203 cm.

The queen bed remains the most popular choice amongst South Africans, as it is large enough for a couple and possibly even a small pet too, but not so large that it requires a big room or that your bedroom will end up feeling too small once you have the queen bed and possibly a bed frame installed. Even though the queen bed is the most popular size, it can also be helpful to know how to find the right size bed specifically for you and what the other bed sizes are to make sure that the queen is the best bed size for your lifestyle and needs.

Why are queen beds so popular?

Queen beds are a popular choice because they offer more luxury, comfort, and space than a double, three quarter, or single bed does, but they do not take up an entire room. The proportions of a queen size bed make it suitable for single sleepers who want a bit more room, but also for couples with small dogs or children.

A queen size mattress will also fit into main and guest bedrooms, and even smaller apartment bedrooms without you having to move all of your other furniture out or causing the room to feel too cluttered and full. Queen size mattresses and soft coverings like duvets and quilts are less expensive than those of king size beds, which makes it a good solution for if you want to upgrade from a single or double bed, but a king size bed is too expensive.

Tips for picking the right mattress size

There are a few factors to consider when you are deciding whether a queen bed is the right size for you. The first factor is that the room where the bed is going to be needs to have the physical space to accommodate a queen bed. You should also consider whether a queen bed will be optimal for the positions that you sleep in.

It is also important to keep in mind that you will most likely only replace your mattress every eight to 10 years, so you need to think in terms of long-term needs and not short-term needs.

Other bed sizes in South Africa

In order to decide whether a queen size bed’s dimensions are really the best option for you, it can be helpful to see these dimensions in relation to other bed sizes in South Africa. These dimensions are as follows:

Bed size Dimensions (width in cm x length in cm)
Single 91cm x 188cm
Three quarter 107cm x 188cm
Double 137cm x 188cm
Queen 152cm x 188cm
King 183cm x 188cm


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