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South African First shares agenda on social media

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South African First took to Twitter to publicise its agenda, which prioritises issues that are prevalent in the country, such as corruption and human trafficking.

South African First took to Twitter on Thursday, 10 September 2020, to announce its agenda. This comes after the party’s initial account was allegedly hacked. In light of the growing conversation on prioritising South Africans over foreign nationals for local opportunities, the agenda of the South African First party seeks to address those concerns.

The agenda highlighted the party’s 26 objectives, which speak to a variety of citizens’ concerns. These include; “Life sentence(s) for government corruption, human trafficking and drug trafficking,” “Mass deportation of illegal foreigners,” the “Encryption of the South Africa visa, to keep track of visitors,” “No camps for refugees and asylum seekers,” and “Young men and women affected by drugs to join mandatory military school and training that will teach them mechanics of military equipment, operations and services.”

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Sabelo Makhubo