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Skeem Saam Latest Episode Review and Teaser for 9 July 2018

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Skeem Saam Latest Episode Review and Teaser for 9 July 2018

Kwaito disobeyed police orders to save Pretty while the rest of Turfloop feared a bomb threat

The latest episode of Skeem Saam saw Kwaito go after Alexos Mathon despite a warning from the police captain. Meanwhile, the rest of the Turfloop community grew concerned over an apparent bomb threat.

Episode overview

The hospital was evacuated while Alexos Mathon snuck around donning a porter’s uniform and a balaclava.

Radio news reports warned of a bomb threat and terrorist attack.

Kwaito figured out that Mathon may be behind the gas leak. He accompanied Petersen to the police station.

Captain Malebane dismissed Kwaito’s theories and sternly warned him to stay away from the hospital.

Mapitsi comforted Candice.

Petersen received a call from Charity.She was sorely disappointed to hear that there had been no progress in finding her son. Koko then began to pray.

Meanwhile, Kwaito snuck out of the house without Petersen noticing.

Once Petersen did notice Kwaito’s absence, he called up the Captain. Malebane sent out a team to find Kwaito and arrest him.

Charles’ store was flooded with concerned community members looking to stockpile their cupboards in case of an emergency.

Malebane, Sifiso and MaNtuli visited the Maputla’s in search of Kwaito.

Kwaito arrived at the hospital whereupon he received texted instructions from Mathon.

Mathon led Kwaito into a store room. Two bodies lay still under bloodstained sheets, leading Kwaito to think that Pretty had been killed.

Mathon revealed that Pretty was only asleep. He then instructed Kwaito to read out scripted dialogue, presumedly about his invention.

Kwaito was about to leave with Pretty, but he mistakenly asked for Katlego to be released as well. Mathon was enraged and locked them all in the room, threatening to set them alight.

Technical analysis

The scenes between Mathon, Kwaito and Pretty were poorly directed. The actor’s blocking was clumsy and as a result the tension between the characters was unconvincing. Similarly, the camera was underutilised as it was placed behind the action.

Teaser for 9 July 2018

Captain Malebana delivers some shocking news to Kwaito about Alexos Mathon’s whereabouts. It’s a big career day for Tbose yet his past nags at him like a stubborn rash. All seems sunny in Big Boy Mabitsela’s household.

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