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Skeem Saam Latest Episode Review and Teaser for 6 July 2018

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Skeem Saam Latest Episode Review and Teaser for 6 July 2018

Alexos Mathon revelled in Kwaito’s bravery while Turfloop Hospital was evacuated

The latest episode of Skeem Saam saw Alexos Mathon respond to Kwaito’s challenge. Meanwhile, Nimza worried about Celia’s safety following reports of an evacuation of the hospital.

Episode overview

Glenda and Tbose urged Kwaito to delete his post to Mathon. Eventually, Kwaito deleted the video after MaNtuli became involved in the arguement. But, it was too late as Mathon had already seen the video.

Alfred could hardly contain his greedy joy as Principle told him that she would put his name forward as acting principle.

Turfloop Hospital was thrown into chaos by a gas leak. Mr Kgomo ordered for all patients to be evacuated. He also instructed Celia to call the fire department.

Lehasa was confronted by the sight of Mapitsi and Sonti at his door. The two women threatened his business and demanded renumeration for emotional and financial damage. Lehasa refused to bow to their demands and instead called up Kobus for advice.

Alfred apologised to Manaka. They shook hands and promised to run a fair race for the acting principle position.

Mr Kgopedi visited Principle Thobakgale. She asked him to back her recommendation of Alfred to which he agreed.

Nimza grew concerned for Celia after hearing a report about the chaos at the hospital. Eunice confirmed that there had been an alleged bomb threat reported on the radio.

Lehasa met with Kobus at Café Rovuwa. Mapitsi and Sonti arrived at the restaurant just then. Lehasa ordered them out after telling Mapitsi about Katlego’s disappearance. Kobus warned the two to remove an article about Lehasa from Mapitsi’s web page.

Petersen visited Kwaito to scold him for sending out the threatening post. Kwaito then received a text from Mathon instructing him to come to the hospital alone or risk Pretty’s life.

Technical analysis

Principle’s storyline is beginning to grow increasingly frustrating. Her beat takes up almost a third of the episode, but there is no real new development explored. Perhaps the writers should hang this story arch until the start of the new ‘school term’.

Teaser for 6 July 2018

Alexos Mathon does the unthinkable…Everything could go up in flames. Kwaito raises the stakes for the police. All Granny and Charity can do is pray.

Tarryn Jameson


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