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Skeem Saam Latest Episode Review and Teaser for 12 October 2018

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Tbose caught Noah red-handed while Katlego and Candice dealt with a crisis at Capsy’s.

[Watch] Skeem Saam Latest Episode on Monday, 15 October 2018

The latest episode of Skeem Saam saw Tbose walk in on Noah stealing money from Mokgadi’s purse. Meanwhile, Marothi lodged a complaint against Capsy’s.

Episode Overview

Mokgadi questioned Noah for always being busy with his cell phone. He quickly deleted the messages from Bra Sikes.

Clement received a call to tell him the real culprits behind the pool table tampering had been found out. He rushed off to tell Dennis.

Rachel asked Marothi to loan her R10,000 for the love potion.

Noah faked a stomach ache to stay home for the day.

Dennis, Clement and MaNtuli confronted Charles about owing an apology to their family for accusing Clement of tampering with the pool table. Charles refused to apologise.

Mokgadi told Leeto that she had found evidence of Noah’s lies.

Marothi arrived at Capsy’s in a shocking state. He lodged a complaint with Candice, accusing the restaurant of poisoning him.

Katlego visited Botshelo to ask about her and Marothi’s dinner with Rachel. He suspected that Rachel had added the love potion to Marothi’s food.

Meikie encouraged Mokgadi to pursue a freelance journalist position. She paid Mokgadi her supermarket salary in cash.

Dennis told Clement that he plans to find a job.

Rachel overheard about Marothi’s poisoning at Charles’ shop.

Lehasa planned to involve the police in Marothi’s complaint case as Katlego told him about Rachel’s love potion.

Noah dug through Mokgadi’s handbag, stealing the R5,000 for Bra Sikes. Tbose walked in on him pocketing the cash.

You can watch the full episode below:

Technical Analysis

Noah’s character actions and speech are repetitive and anti-dramatic, which audiences have picked up on. If the writers and director’s aim is to keep audiences entertained and engaged, this character needs to be expanded beyond dropping glasses and staring into the abyss in every scene.

Teaser for 12 October 2018

Will Tbose reveal Noah’s secret to the Maputla’s? Kat and Candice are forced to face Marothi’s accusations. Dennis’s financial circumstances might change for the better.

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