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Skeem Saam Latest Episode Review and Teaser for 11 October 2018

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Noah continued to lie to Mokgadi about the mysterious phone calls while Clement was proven innocent.

[Watch] Skeem Saam Latest Episode on Friday, 12 October 2018

The latest episode of Skeem Saam saw Mokgadi and Leeto battle to get the truth out of Noah. Meanwhile, Charlie uncovered the real culprits behind the pool table tampering.

Episode Overview

Meikie brought home a large sum of money to pay for supplier deliveries. Noah spotted the money left on the counter and considered his options.

Clement begged Dennis not to assume him guilty for tampering with Charles’ pool table.

Celia ordered Rachel to meet her at Charles’ store to discuss an important matter.

Tbose walked in on Noah staring thoughtfully at the bag of money.

Dennis and Kwaito discussed the possibility of Clement’s innocence.

Koko told Katlego about Rachel’s love potion.

Celia interrogated Rachel about Koko’s claims. Rachel denied ever having anything to do with love potions and insisted that her relationship with Marothi is purely business.

Mokgadi came to the realisation that Noah had been speaking to Itumeleng Kekana on the phone. She and Leeto agreed to confront Noah about his lies.

Botshelo told Mapitisi that she has an important decision to make.

Charles caught the true tampering culprits red handed and chased them from his store. However, he still refused to apologise to the Letsoalos for his accusations against Clement.

Mokgadi and Leeto met with a representative from the Road Accident Fund. They worried about how much time it would take for their claims to be processed.

Marothi drank his sorrows away at Capsy’s.

Mokgadi and Leeto confronted Noah about the mystery phone calls. He spun an elaborate story to get himself out of trouble, but Mokgadi was sure that he was lying.

Celia questioned whether Koko had lied about the love potion. Just then, Rachel received a message confirming the price for her next order.

You can watch the full episode below:

Technical Analysis

The concluding scene for this episode seemed cut short as it ended amid a conversation. While this may have been directed deliberately to create a sense of foreshadowing, it may also have left viewers feeling cheated or confused.

Teaser for 11 October 2018

Noah is caught red-handed doing the unthinkable. Lehasa suggests to Kat and Candice that someone be reported to the cops for an alleged crime. Dennis, Clement and MaNtuli wage war against Charles.

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