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Sho Madjozi inspires young girl to be proud of her heritage

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Sho Madjozi inspires young girl to be proud of her heritage

Yesterday, musician Sho Madjozi shared an email she received from a proud dad whose daughter aspires to be just like the singer.

Musician Sho Madjozi recently shared a touching email she received from a fan on her social media pages. Photographer Kevin Halama reached out to Madjozi on behalf of his four-year-old daughter, Amani who is a major fan of the singer. In the email, Halama reveals that Amani strives to emulate Madjozi’s spirit of pride in her Tsonga heritage. He also pleaded with Madjozi to send a reply to the little girl.

Madjozi then posted the email Halama had sent to her alongside a picture of Amani dressed in a blue and yellow wool xibelani. Madjozi captioned the post, “…I was so touched at a father’s love for his daughter, touched at how much my movement means to little girls and moved by the confidence in this young star. I love you Amani 💖 you are so pretty 😍😍😍 I love your xibelani it looks just like mine 🤗🌺”.

However, Sho Madjozi did not end the exchange with Kevin and Amani there. Yesterday, she appeared live on Capricorn FM as a way to surprise her young fan. The station interviewed Kevin about the impact that Madjozi has had on his daughter’s life before calling Amani herself. Madjozi then spoke to her admirer over the phone.  Amani said that she wants to be like Madjozi when she grows up and told the musician that she loves her.