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Shivambu allegedly involved in shady dealings, WhatsApp conversations suggest

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A report by the amaBhungane centre for investigative journalism has revealed EFF deputy president Floyd Shivambu’s WhatsApp messages allegedly requesting money from businessman Lawrence Mulaudzi.

Just a day shy of the national elections, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) deputy president Floyd Shivambu’s WhatsApp messages and SMSes have been leaked. The amaBhungane claim that the series of cryptic messages suggest that Shivambu is linked to dodgy business dealings, some of which include prominent businessman Lawrence Mulaudzi. This after Shivambu’s 2017 claim that his parliamentary salary was his only source of income.

According to the report, Shivambu has on two occasions used his political influence to request for an “intervention” from Mulaudzi. The report claims that the “intervention” is a code word for money, and that Shivambu instructed Mulaudzi to pay it into Grand Azania’s account, a company controlled by Shivambu’s brother, Brian.

The report further claims that in one case, it seems Kinesh Pather, Mulaudzi’s business partner, told him that they needed the “Red Boys” to “sort out” a community leader in an attempt to bring community protests at a Limpopo chrome mine to an end.

Responding to questions sent by amaBhungane, Mulaudzi defended himself by saying: “I have a relationship with Mr Floyd Shivhambu which dates back to our ANC [African National Congress] Youth League days. There has never been anything untoward about this relationship.”

Shivambu was afforded the same opportunity to defend himself but ignored requests for comment.

One source told amaBhungane that Mulaudzi’s payments – described as “interventions” in the text chains – indicate a wider pattern showing how the businessman attempted to grow his business interests through “favours” rendered to politicians and other influential people.

During the PIC inquiry, it came to light that Mulaudzi’s girlfriend, Sibusiso Zulu who is a PIC board member, allegedly approved transactions worth over R6 billion for him. A leaked email from a whistle-blower suggested that Zulu had received more than R600 million in shareholding and well over R100 million in fees through her dodgy dealings with Mulaudzi. As a board member, Zulu had the power to approve up to R2 billion.

Abenathi Gqomo

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