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Senegal’s imports increase by 3.9 percent in April 2019

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Senegal’s imports in April 2019 showed a slight increase of 3.9 percent, compared to the previous month, according to a note from the National Agency of Statistics and Population (ANSD).

These imports are valued at 322.20 billion CFA francs, against 310.10 billion CFA francs in March 2019, representing an increase of 12.10 billion CFA francs (1 CFA franc equals 0.0017 dollars).

“This increase is attributable to those of maize imports (4.8 billion CFA francs, against 1.4 billion CFA francs the previous month), rice (+ 36.7 percent) and base metals (+ 16.8 percent,” ANSD says.

Besides, according to ANSD, the absence of imports of crude oil in the previous month, against 21.8 billion CFA francs during the period under review has reinforced this upward trend.

However, the increase in imports was moderated by the decline in the external purchase of other machinery and equipment (- 36.4 percent) and finished petroleum products (- 22.3 percent).

Compared to April 2018, imports increased by 19.6 percent. Their cumulative volume at the end of April 2019 amounted to 1287.60 billion CFA francs, against 1212.10 billion CFA francs for the corresponding period in 2018, representing an increase of 6.2 percent.

The main products imported by Senegal during the period under review are finished petroleum products (32.2 billion CFA francs), other machinery and equipment (25.3 billion CFA francs), rice (22.6 billion CFA francs), crude oil (21.8 billion CFA francs) and base metals (17 billion CFA francs).

Senegal’s main suppliers are France (18.4 percent), China (9.1 percent), Nigeria (6.8 percent), Turkey (6.3 percent) and India (6.1 percent).




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