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Senegal says Customs clearance rates were “corrected”, not “increased”

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The Senegalese Customs, in a statement issued on Friday, 14 June 2019, has denied any idea of increasing Customs clearance rates applied to imported goods.

Customs stressed that it is rather a “corrective measure” in accordance with the provisions of Article 18 of the Customs Code, which states that “the Customs value of imported goods corresponds to the transaction value, i.e., the price actually paid by the importer.”

“This correction follows findings that some goods were undervalued on the return and that catch-all containers were cleared on the basis of a simple estimate, instead of exhaustive Customs clearance and on each item and because of its true value,” the Customs Service says.

With the application of the correction measure, users who engaged in this practice will obviously see the basis of clearance of their goods corrected, but that does not mean an increase in tariffs, the Customs Service explains.

According to the Customs administration, this correction is necessary, especially as the “current situation compromises the correct collection of duties and taxes for the benefit of the Treasury; it
jeopardizes much of the industrial fabric and distorts the rules of competition.”

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