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Senegal president’s younger brother to clear his name in BBC scandal

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President Macky Sall’s younger brother, Aliou Sall is set to set the record straight after he was named in apparent accusations by a BBC programme.

Aliou has since convened a press briefing in Dakar on Monday afternoon, 3 June 2019, in a bid to clear his name.

The British Broadcasting Corporation, on Sunday evening, 2 June 2019, aired details of its inquiry into the oil and gas exploitation in Senegal, entitled “The 10 billion dollars energy scandal”.

In the 11-minute investigative video, journalist Mayeni Jones reveals that “British energy giant BP, had agreed to pay nearly 10 billion dollars to a businessman involved in a controversial oil contract.”

The businessman is Frank Timis, a Rumanian-Australian national based in London.

BBC says Aliou Sall would have served as a channel between the two parties.

“BP bought the shares of Frank Timis in a gas field, located off the coast of Senegal for 250 million dollars in 2017,” the BBC reveals.

However, the international British broadcaster insists that the documents obtained by BBC Panorama and Africa Eye “reveal that BP will also pay Timis’s company between nine and twelve billion dollars in royalties.”

However, BBC says, “both BP and Timis have denied any wrongdoing in relation to the case.”

Aliou Sall will look to provide clarifications on the issue case, a much-talked about topic in the Senegalese media.



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