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Senegal president Macky Sall boasts of campaign trail achievements

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President Macky Sall, who will seek re-election when Senegal goes to the polls on 24 February 2019, was on the campaign trail in the north-western town of Kebemer on Monday, 4 February 2019, boasting of his achievements during his first term in office.

Kebemer is home to his predecessor Abdoulaye Wade whom he defeated in the second round of the 2012 presidential election.

Sall claimed that his achievements cover all aspects of Senegalese public life and was therefore confident that that part of the country would vote for him for a second term.

“If we make an objective analysis, in all areas, whether in agriculture, livestock, fisheries, roads, highways, the economy, growth … We will see that Senegal is a country going forward… and it will be a country that will always prosper” Sall, the flag-bearer of the coalition Benno Bokk Yakaar (United With a Shared Hope) said.

In a campaign outing in this department in the region of Louga in the presence of several notables of Senegalese society, Sall lambasted his rivals for apparently attempting to tarnish his good record on social media networks.

He promised that if he re-elected, a brighter future will beckon for the people of Kebemer through “a new public lighting system, an open digital space, a modern sanitation network.”

He said Kebemer will be fully opened up and connected to the rest of the country and the world.

“Louga is under construction with Promovilles scheme (City Modernization Program). After Louga Promovilles with a fund of CFAF280 billion) will be here in Kebemer,” Sall said.

He also paid tribute to the historical and political figures of produced by the city, such as his mentor President Abdoulaye Wade (2000-2012).

Running for a second term, after seven years at the helm, the incumbent will face four challengers, namely Idrissa Seck, Ousmane Sonko, Madické Niang and El Hadji Issa Sall.

The presidential campaign began on Sunday, 3 February 2019.

After Kebemer, the Senegalese leader will head to Louga before ending his second day of campaigning in the northern city of St. Louis.




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