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SASSA concerned about low turnout for card-swopping D-Day

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SASSA gold cardWith almost 400 social grant beneficiaries still having to swop to the new SASSA gold cards, a low turnout at SASSA offices appears to be a cause for concern.

Today, Friday, 14 December 2018, is the final deadline for those who have to swop their old South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) cards for the new cards.

With so many beneficiaries ghosting the SASSA offices and as the end of the business day looming, Northern Cape SASSA spokesperson Inno Khuno has expressed despondency stating that those who have neglected to exchange their cards may not be able to receive their grants in late January next year.

“The sad thing is that, come January, when the social grants are supposed be paid – January 29th, 2019 – they will not get their SASSA grants,” Khuno said, “Then only we hope they will start flocking to the offices.”

SASSA has been campaigning throughout the year, calling for social grant beneficiaries to ensure the card swop as soon as possible, with a countdown to the deadline having been posted for the past three days on their Facebook page and a post in early November reiterating the same warning.

“It cannot be over-emphasised that beneficiaries who haven’t swapped their old cards for the new gold SASSA card risk denying themselves a constitutional right to social assistance,” the post read.

The Northern Cape spokesperson added that many may be avoiding the swop because of fraudulent behaviour: “You will also find that some of these people that are not coming forward to swop their cards are people that have not come forward to SASSA to say ‘I have been receiving the social grant. I now find employment so please terminate the grant [sic]” she said.

Dayna Remus
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